Penny Auction Editor Fix

Penny Auction Editor Fix
Ok I have a Penny Auction and I had someone from ebay install the script to my webhost and my domain, The problem Im having is that I get an error message when someone try’s to sign up and also when someone send me a message on my contact page I never recieve the email and it could be because the default email is not right or something. But anyways the guy that installed my script said that the config.php file needs to be updated with your webhosting smtp settings for your particular account or re write the script. And I also would like it so I dont have to approve every person that signs up to activate there account, I would just like them to be approved without me aproving there account so then can use there account right away rather then making them wait for there account to be approved.

So the 3 things I need fixed are the Sign up page gives me an error, Contact page I never recieve the message in my email and I would like to have there accounts approved right away.

I will contact the person that I choose and I will give them my phone # to clearify on what I want done and the work I want done is done. So you must be able to contact me on the phone and must speak clear english.

I will not pay intell work is completed, So I can test to make sure that everything was done that I asked.

If I am very satisfied with your work I may ask you at a later time to do some work on my other website projects, as I would like a proffesinal job done.

Any bids that are over my budget will not be accepted as I am low on funds so thats my final budget price.

When you PMB me please include the the items that I need fixed so that I know that you read my whole post.

Thanks Troy.

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