Simplecart.js Customizations

Simplecart.js Customizations
I have done some customizations to sImpleCart.js ( and need someone to finish them because I ran out of time.

WHAT I NEED: I’m looking for a provider who WRITES METICULOUSLY CLEAN CODE, following current jQUERY and PHP best practices. The last provider I hired here wrote child like code with no care for optimization or style. YOU MUST WRITE LOGICAL VERY OPTIMIZED SIMPLE CODE.

If you return my files with 2 spaces for indent instead of 4 and with tabs instead of spaces, I would consider this a failure on your part. NO PHP SHORT TAGS or any of that crap. Sorry, I just want to be clear what I need and want. I’m looking for someone to work with often.

You can download my current fully functioning version from which you will work off and modify:

Please see the comments in /inc/cart-config.php

What I would like done is listed there, but here is a brief description of my needs:

1. Simplecart (/scripts/cart.js) does not provide many of the variables I need for our product line and type of ecommerce sales. I’ve listed a few variables that needed to be added to the cart’s cookie and internally track if necessary.

2. We want instant live calculation of tax and shipping on ADD to Cart, Shipping details update or ANY TIME THE CART SUBTOTAL CHANGES ( in cart.js). I have this mostly done, but ran out of time near the end on a loop issue. This is commented in the code (/inc/cart-config.php).

3. I would like you to optimize the cart code (cart.js) and my custom code in (/inc/cart-config.php, especially).


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