Torrent Indexer Redesign+error

Torrent Indexer Redesign+error
I had purchased a Torrent Search Indexer script a while back. I made a few minor modifications to it an a few weeks later it suddenly stopped working. I’m unsure as to whether my changes directly influenced its downfall or something that it relied on.

Though, the basic unedited script can be seen demoed here (it does function properly) :

Your job will be to:

1. Fix the error that results in, well, no results
2. Speed up the overall process

Minor design tweaks that will include, but its not limited to:

2. Changing colors
3. Centering boxes
4. Omitting some details
5. Changing “Latest Movie Torrents” to “Top Movie Torrents”

Overall easier to look at and more modern looking.

I will provide the code for the script as well as many examples as to what I want.

Time isn’t really a factor and I am willing to offer bonus for a job well done.

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