Database Limit Access / Search

Database Limit Access / Search
Hi! I have a SQL database with a search feature on my PHP site.
I would like to know how to automatically populate a field linked to another record in the database. E.g.
RECORD A. A1, A2 (IMG depending on B1, B3 Text, IMG depending on B2, B4 Text), A3
RECORD B. B1 (numerical 1 – 42), B2 (numerical 1 – 42), B3 (text)

Secondly, I need a function to enter a separator (maybe “|” ) in the search bar on my site. This will allow the AJAX search to split the search into multiple parts)

Thirdly, add dropdown to Search to allow filtering of search results in database Category field.

Also, I need to stop over-access (maybe using limit on data downloaded by an IP address)

Make a counter to display number of database records based on combinations of values in 2 database fields.

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