Alert Pay Integratron2

Alert Pay Integratron2
I have a auction script that I would like alert pay , and paypal added to I need someone good with both and who has appropriate developer/testing account with such to do so please quote me a price for all three

The choosen programmer will need the appropriate test account with alertpay authorize and paypal, alert pay for now is the primary concern, I need a good programmer whos good with all the APIs I may be hiring the same person to build payment integrations in a couple different projects for this one I need alert pay primarily and paypal on another project i need a chase IPN built

all of these will report to the payment processor and report back to mysql of payment completion so for those who and i quote say “this is easy, can be done easily” Its not or else i would do it myself…:) Im not looking to have to go through a handful of programmers before i find ion ethat actually knows what they are getting into. The site is

And I DONOT want to see portfolios or life stories no copy and paste messages ALL ii need to know is you can do it or have done it before

that you have the needed test account

your price and timeline

Thanks happy bidding I usually work with people that have high reviews but you guys with no reviews I dont automatically disclude you but you really really must know that you can do this. Your reputation will make or break you here at scriptlance so please dont put me in a position to have to leave a bad review because you didnt know what you were getting into.

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