Kubelance Development

Kubelance Development
I am looking for Developers who have considerable experience in modifying the Kubelance script. Develops must have their own development server/environment and allow UAT testing from there.

I am ready to start.

Some of the changes I would like are:

Implement Zip Code
Modify Kubelance to carry zip code field on buyer, provider and project tables
Collect zip code of buyer on insert or update
Collect zip code of provider on insert or update
Collect zip code (location) of project on insert (or update?)
Display zip code of buyer, as default, when inserting a project
Allow provider to enter the up 100 mile zipcode radius (10,30,50, 100) for job notifications when inserting/updating provider information
Implement zip code shareware that will yield all zipcodes within a particular radius
Modify Kubelance provider notification to include zip code radius within its search criteria
Allow buyer to display providers within a particular zip code radius (default to buyer’s zip code & 100 mile radius)
Allow provider to display buyers within a particular zip code radius (default to provider’s zip code & 100 mile radius)

Implement Invite function
Allow buyers to display providers by rating ( & location radius) (like contractors rating above XX)
Allow buyers to “invite” a provider to bid on their project by clicking a button which sends an email invitation to the provider

Contract function
Allow buyers & providers to build a project contract of deliverables, dates, payment amounts, status, and agreement flags
Add a batch job to read contracts and notify buyers & providers 5 days before & on delivery day that payments are due
Update contract status based on events (buyer agreed, provider agreed, both agreed, paid, overdue, disputed, in mediation…, dropped)
Notify provider when a buyer has escrowed an amount for a project.

Contractor Summary
Homeowner Summary

Site Design
Multiple areas for advertising
Enclosed forms (lawyer.com)
Put list on single screen

Update projects
Allow upload to message board

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