Adult Videochat

Adult Videochat

– Want a website predominantly modern-flash
– The flash chatroom personification
– Want a web environment (Flash and Photoshop)
– Flash animation personification of chatroom
– Sources are coded-they are not encoded and can be changed anytime at a later date;
– Get source Flash, PHP and MySQL for your site;
– To work on not RED5 flash server
– Models can stay in free chat or nude chat
– Different prices or symmetrical (choice) for private chat or nude chat
– Unlimited number of members connected simultaneously to a paid show (nude chat or private chat);
– To be able to stay in chat with one member at a predetermined higher price
– Any of the languages of the system can be set as the main language;
– There is the option that the site be just one part of the language or available;
– Available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian;
– Thus ensuring the application is secure against attacks comforts type hack or crack.
– Simple search by model name (screenname);
– Advanced search;
– Listing by category or tags;
– Unlimited number of accounts that can be added in the system;
– Users (members / clients);
– Studios video chat that can add as many models in their portfolio;
– Studio models;
– Models that work independently (with the obvious differences between such accounts and accounts of studio models)
– List of models for video chat;
– List of models online;
– Listing by category and / or subcategories.
– The site can be organized into categories of models (girls, boys, couples, etc..)
– These categories add / delete / edit administrative panel;
– Profile configurable models, complete and effective;
– Contain including unlimited photo gallery with pictures in them;
– Model of this online program (schedule);
– Tags and information about the model;
– Profile and photo gallery of the model can be modified by the model and administrator.
– Models and members can communicate through private messaging;
– This is done using AJAX technology;
– All messages can be viewed and administrator
– Detailed financial statistics of models for video chat;
– Detailed financial statistics studios video chat;
– Users have at their disposal history shows video chat he had with models;
– Complete financial statistics for manager (transactions, etc..)
– Methods of payment to models and studios are editable;
– Administrator can set the payment periods;
– Administrators can set up payment methods (ePassporte, transfer, etc..)
– Unlimited number of payment methods that can be added;
– Periodic list of models and studios that have reached the minimum defined payment.
– CCbill necessarily as a method of credit purchased by members
– Added credit to the member who bought the site
– Is compatible with any web browser (Windows and Apple);
– Function is available for members to find private or free;
– For about 2 about to pay extra;
– Price for room 2 rooms can be defined by models (and / or administrator);
– Performers can receive tips by browsing site members;
– These tips are shared between web sites and performer;
– Values of these tips sites are edited in the administrative panel.
– Filters do not allow spam utiliztorilor chatroom;
– Filters also prevent abuse chatroom’s (repeated text in chat)
– Administrator can configure a list of banned models;
– If a user or model type in chat one of the prohibited words, it will not appear in the chat.
– Flash sources are available to its customers;
– Flash sources and its design can therefore be changed at will;
– Provide customization services and graphics for Flash interfaces.
– Models can connect to free chat or nude chat
– Beep when a State enters into private chat or nude chat
– Up to 5 members that can join in cam2cam;
– Feature on / off signals audeo;
– Time spent online / time spent in the nude chat / private chat;
– List of members;
– According to whisper (can talk only with a member of chatroom);
– Whole site can be managed from a secure control panel and can be configured in a way that is accessible only from one or more IP’s defined by the webmaster / administrator.
Supervision invisible
– All models online can be supervised by administrators in free and private chat;
– Supervision is in invisible mode (model knows that is supervised);
– Administrator can intervene (writing) in chat can get offline model,online models etc..
IP filtering and countries
– Can block one or more countries have access to the site;
– Can block an unlimited number of IPs;
– Can unblock IPs (useful when you want to block a country but still allow access to the site on certain IPs belonging to models, members, etc..)
Setting prices
– Administrator can set the price for each type of show paid in part (nude chat or private chat);
– Models can choose the desired value of the preset by administrators;
If the administrator sets the example for private chat 3 values: 1, 2 and $ 3 per minute, then models can choose one of these three values.
Edit site content
– Full-text content but much of the defining images of video chat site can be edited in the administrative panel.
– Is useful when you need changes or additions to text certain pages of the site – whoever they may be (eg terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, etc..)
– Administrator can send email to one or more types of users of the site: models, studios, paying members, members free (which still never bought credits, etc.).
SEO Optimization
– All elements of site optimization for search engines (title, description, keywords) can be defined / modified the administrative panel video chat site;
Defining categories
– Unlimited number of categories can be created by admin (boys, girls, couples, transsexuals, etc.).
– These categories can be edited / deleted at any time at a later date, or you can add new categories at any moment of video chat site created.
Edit user accounts
– All accounts of users of the site (models, studios, clients) may be amended administrative panel;
– Can be changed here any specific details of the type of account that is intended to be edited;
– Inclusive function to delete a user account.
All this can be set by administrators
– Administrator can set the percentage collected for models and studios
-Reviews / comments profile models
-Section News (news)
Internal Forum for models
Forum for members
-Performer awards
-Member Awards
-Affiliate Program
-VIP Membership
-Various systems of membership
-Convert existing database (if you already have a video chat site)

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