Question/answer Php Script

Question/answer Php Script
I am looking for a question and answer script to use to create a site when people can post, answer and review answered questions.

I was looking at open source programs like mypgpfaqm, pligg and some mainstream paid scripts like and has beautiful features but no open source to adjust the question and answer to how the site needs to be unique. One issue I saw on that script is if a link is added it does not parse the link, image or video – The user answering the question has to do html in their format on the formatting page. That would not work.

Also, I would like for the user to be able to add a source url if present.

I am looking to create a site where the users will work together to help each other as a group to provide something useful help bringing the answers, sources -if any- and comments

If you have developed a script like this that can be done this way I am open as I want to create something special for the user.

I even looked at questions plugin for Elgg but was not too sure if can be modded to be a full site just dedicated to experts like or yahoo answers.

I love the community involvement at – Very nice.

That is something I am looking for.

If you think for me to purchase as the open source base for use to work with let me know. =)

I like features of but it needs a dynamic user answering box so if the a user wants to answer to click on link icon and it would offer a box to appear to enter link url and named anchor to insert into the text box while answering the question it would insert the scripts language to show the link, image, video, smiley or formatting.

I am not sure if that can be done without having access to open source. It has great options like twitter connect – openid

Tell me what you think. I can buy a license to that script for you to build the dynamic answer bo if that is possible. 😉

– You can tell I want the best for the user.

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