Google Apps Send Php Fix

Google Apps Send Php Fix
I’ve been using google apps for some months now.
But it has come to my attention that a number of sites I own such as Vbulletin forums and video sites are not working correctly.
The subscribe,registration, message post alerts , contact us are not working correctly.d
The sites are sending the mail that does arrives to a number of free email accounts such as gmail,hotmail and others but not all. Most legit email accounts are not seeing any such mail arrive from my sites that are using google apps for mail. ( not in spam)

One of the sites in question using a send.php contact is a
Mail will arrive to many free email accounts and some registered domains but not all.
We have tried a number of configurations with send.php but no luck with domains hosted on my google apps account.
One of the domain google appss accounts not functioning is as you will note in send.php attached.
The send file will work with many accounts but when being sent to info at reao## the mail fails to arrive.

I need correct settings for google apps and other problems that might relate to realtytube site not working correctly when send.php is used.


Attached is a setting

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