Photo Php Script Fix

Photo Php Script Fix

The Site is

3. The script is not sending out a email with the download links to buyer once the paypal transaction is complete.

Once buyer pays paypal. Paypal IPN directs the buyer back to script.

The script is sending out a email to website admin saying that there was a sale, but no download link…

In the admin Order area,

The script shows the order,
It shows the customers email and what purchases where made. So I think paypal IPN is working correctly.

The script should send a thank you email with a downlink to the buyer

However the script is not sending the buyer a email with download link information.

I also need the Photo Catagory menu on left side of website to be alphabetical not random.

I had another php programmer but he could not solve this…the email download link issue

Please ask questions…

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