Web Application For Front-end

Web Application For Front-end
We want a professional web database front-ends in our website. We don’t want to create a web-application from scratch. We want the application for non-expert users capable to work safely on data using an intuitive graphic interface. It is not a database administration tool like phpMyAdmin and it’s not replacing it: interface is for basic user working on data.

It should have the following features:

– It should use PHP & MySQL, in need of modifying access to database by our employed without developing a specific for us but simply using a web browser.
– It has all the powerful features you would expect from a professional database application: data navigation, sorting, filtering, editing, inserting and deleting.
– It is particularly useful when various and/or several users have to access to database using different privileges: a highly customizable system of groups and privileges makes access possible for various employed to specific tables or views, shows/hides specific fields, sets rules for input validation and keeps under control all the database activities.
– It has export data modules, statistics and report management based on xml, xls, slsx or pdf protocols.
– It can be an easy to configure database front-end.
– Automatically calculated fields: Modifying the application-generated code to automatically calculate the value of a field when adding new records and/or updating existing ones.
– The application also allows us to handle multiple tables.
– It should have image/file upload fields in the table.
– Checking for possible duplication during an insert, authentication and authorization restrictions on view/update/delete, e-mail notices, and table aliases.
– Powerful CRUD scaffolding for MySQL.
– Sending an email notification when a record is added or modified. In some scenarios, we might wish to send an email notification to one or more recipients when a user adds a new record or modifies an existing one.
– Working with filters programmatically, what variables control them in code, and how to enforce a predefined filter on users when they view a table.

I found out in the market that there package that have the above feature but it needs only a good DB Administrator to create according to our requirement and it will be easy to do it.

AppGini – http://www.bigprof.com/appgini/
ScriptArtist – http://www.scriptartist.com/script_artist_features.html
PHPMaker – http://www.hkvstore.com/phpmaker/
DaDaBIK – http://www.dadabik.org

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