Vbulletin Upgrade Fix

Vbulletin Upgrade Fix
Yesterday I upgraded my wife’s Vbulletin forum from version 3.8.4 to 4.0.1 . Many things are messed up now, like styles not working, fatal errors and database errors etc that show up at various tasks like trying to change style, writing new posts and so on.

The upgrade process went apparently smoothly with just one error at the end, but the whole process was apparently completed upon refresh on the errored step.

Aim: to make the forum work as it should without losing any users, posts, forums, images etc.

I do NOT have any backups. I upgraded the forum in a hurry to fix another problem that took the forum down and an upgrade was supposed to fix that, and it did… I think.

It’s an ad-free private polish forum (with 3500+ registered users) promoting carrying babies in traditional babywear. I’m not looking for charity, but our budget is very limited.

Forum URL: www.chusty.info

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