Need More Traffic To Website

Need More Traffic To Website
I own and I am looking for ways to drive more traffic to my website. Whether it be SEO or better design of the site. Please let me know what you think that could improve the design to make more user friendly/professional or drive more traffic in detail, how you would achieve this result along with bid.

We are already advertising with Google ads and Facebook.

Problem: 1 to 3 members will join per week, maybe 1 of the users will upload a photo, no videos have been posted thus far. Some members will upload and not even join a contest, possibly after seeing there is an entry fee.
We currently have 40 members since we started 6 months ago.

Just a quick synopsis of the site:
We host video and photo contests for prizes. We charge an entry fee through paypal. Once a specific number of users join, we will give a period of time for the members to vote for their favorite photo or video in that competition. Best 5 contestants win a portion of the grand prize.


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