Drupal Port 2

Drupal Port 2
We are looking for a skilled Drupal developer to port a large website over to the Drupal CMS. Below is an outline of what you will be expected to do. You will *not* be expected to port the current skin of the website.

— Database port (LDU -> Drupal)

Users (including post count, rank, group entitlements, premium status etc.)
User gallery

— NB: News posts (& comments) are replicated in the forums

Articles/Pages (Including categories, subcategories, images, comments)

— Module installation / creation / customisation

Premium accounts + IPN (premium members see no adverts and have unlimited download allowance to SYS)

Ad management (linking into premium accounts)
Administration / moderation utilities

SYS (Media) — this is currently linked to the forums. Please research this carefully. If a suitable Drupal module exists for the sharing and moderation of media uploads then we will consider it. We must be able to set download limits per user level. The media centre’s structure must mimic the structure currently in place. All link references in the database must be ported over to the new system.


— To Exclude

The design. This project is almost entirely database / module customisation work. You will not need to implement the current skin of the website.

— Other notes

The drupal website does not have to be an *exact* copy of the website. We are willing to take on new features / remove some / change some if it fits in with our view

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