Payment Form Payment Form
I have, I need to use SIM method.

I want the following features:

1. They’re on my website, they click “Pay Invoice” (page already made)
2. They Choose Residential / Business Payment (page already made)
3. The Payment form on my website will prompt for the following:
Name, Technician Name, and then a drop down menu for hrly rate.
The dropdown rate and name will be parsed to SIM and then they will be asked for their billing information and so forth.

I hope I have been clear, to re-iterate, I need a simple SIM Payment form for my website, it needs to ask for name and technician name, then how many hours the tech was there, the amount of hours will parse the correct price to charge to and will only show the “1 Hour, 1.25 Hour, 1.50 hour, 2.00 hour, etc) to the customer and then the price will only appear when they click “Process Payment” on the page which will show the page.

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