Clone Of A Video Email Website

Clone Of A Video Email Website
Another project from SavvyTech. We’re calling it SavvyMAIL.

I’ve seen a project uploaded here before. (but i want less function than they have (vmdirecT) download attachment) )

-“will give out commission for each sale, every month to programmer that works with me” –

Who has done this ? Someone with the script with knowledge of FLASH MEDIA SERVER.

Check this link out (this is a VIDEO EMAIL)
(check attachment)

Click on the company (check attachment) (they are more complex) we want the simple functions of it.
i) (just VMDIRECT)

Another company to view . Free Email video (register and test it out)

We want to have a function where people can use their primary camera or webcam. And record and send an email out.

They also have templates they can choose (20 designs)
– CMS to be able to add new templates
– Able to write in contents
– The video that is recorded will be on the server for 30 days before wiping it off away.
– The template they can add links and contents and comments.
– Monthly or yearly subscription and package prices and restriction.
– putting in an affiliate software.
– Giving out Free accounts too.
(it’s hard to tell exactly what we need) but in short we want to clone vmdirect website.
With expert suggestion.
Prefer able to do it in C SHARP. Will have to use Flash media server

Will own the script eventually.

If you are serious,check out all the site. I’ll ask you some question to check if u did your homework on all the site i’ve given. I have enough of programmers who didn’t do their homework but summit a good BID and I accept but eventually they couldn’t do the job.

Let’s get serious here. Do your homework and check. In short I want to do Video Email Business here dude.


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