I Need A Website Built

I Need A Website Built
I am needing a website built, that will be like the website www dot comechangemyoil dot com.

You can google more sites using the words, mobile oil change, and see other sites that you can get ideas and wordage from.

I dont want a complete replica of an existing site, but more of a collage of them all. You will need to read other sites, and come up with new wordage for my site.

I currently have a template website up at www.onsiteoilandlube.com which could be used by you to tweak and finish.

1. You must speak/type good english, as this is the only language I know.
2. You must have msn messenger so we can communicate frequently.
3. Must be completed by February 10th 2010, or we will settle on a lesser bid. (this is 2 weeks time).

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