Swoopo/telebid Auction Site

Swoopo/telebid Auction Site
I am looking for a programmer who has a detailed mindset and will complete this project as specified. ENGLISH communication is a must! You will need to be able to start immediately on the program and a quick turnaround is needed within a week without jeopardizing thoroughness. This list is pretty itemized but I do not want any assumptions on my part or yours.
• I plan to use godaddy.com for my host so program must meet their server requirements
• English program with US dollar format
• Manage website content via an internet connection
• Handle unlimited users at once
a) Powerful built in CMS
1) Add, edit, delete, manage and clone auctions with unlimited items and set up automated bid bots on EACH item which can be disabled or enabled with X $ amount to activate or stop at
2) View sold and unsold auctions and winning bidder, pending auctions, running auctions, ended and completed auctions. Manage auction settings with time to start, duration and add(X amount) time if someone bids at Y time left (I am able to determine times)
3) Administrative determines the auction price increments each time a bid is placed
a) Add, edit, delete and manage products and categories with unlimited levels deep
b) Add, edit, delete/suspend, limit winning bids per month and manage users.
1) Users/members can login, forgot password button, update account, purchase bids, pay for won auctions (they should only be able to select and pay for the oldest ones first!), view winning bid history and have referral history and free bids given out and set up & view Bid Butler
c) Administration view of user bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to user, refund bids for user and give bids for user referrals with or without bid package purchase, updates on shipped merchandise
d) Bid Pack Management
1) Add, edit, delete and manage
2) Bid packs to open for me to determine how many and how much. It will also need column for FREE bids. (buy 25 get 5 FREE idea)
3) Ability to give users free bids for registering and winning their first auction
e) Shipping Management
1) Add, edit, delete and manage shipping charges for EACH item
2) Auto calculator to adjust shipping on per item for a total of 1, 2 or 3 (ie: $6.95 per item or option by me to set fixed rate up to X many then so much for each additional if possible)
3) Shipping/payment/checkout page to have area like registration for shipping address
4) Manage shipping with paid, awaiting shipping, shipped and completed
5) Auto send emails with updated status as order pulling, shipped, completed for customer
6) Be able to merge or print shipping label with customer mailing address and my return address
f) Newsletter/news page
1) Add, change and update
g) CMS
h) Static Management
1) Register Now (option to add a line with X FREE Bids)
2) Terms and conditions page
3) About Us
4) Contact Us
5) Privacy
6) Jobs
7) How it works
8) Affiliates
9) Refer a friend
10) FAQ
a) Manage all pages with ability to add additional pages as needed
i) Powerful Bid Butler (automated bidding system) with the ability for users to book their bids in advance
1) Complete administrative viewing of active Bid Butler users and their top bid
j) WYSIWYG Editor
k) Reports
1) View all aspects of the site. Product wise, auction wise, financial, affiliate, referrals, registration, user login/logout by the hour, order status, admin user
l) Administrative Use
1) Be able to change admin password
2) Restrict other admin personnel to certain areas of the website with checklist and password that can only changed/modified by the unrestricted administrator (unlimited users with restrictions)
m) Payment Gateways
1) Paypal
2) SecurePay
3) Netteller
4) Additional payment system (or gateways) in place to add mastercard, visa, discover, and American express, Google checkout, ideal, authorize.net etc………
a) I will most likely start with chase payment tech but that could change in future so I would like to be able to change handlers)
b) Account verification
n) SEO enabled
o) Countries and time zones
1) Add, edit and delete countries I want to include (USA will be only one for now, NO international users. Need to state that on registration page
2) Set time zone
p) New user registration
1) First Name, last name, street, street, city, state, (USA only shipping and user country default)
2) I Accept Terms and Condition button with highlight to take to Terms and Conditions page
3) Create user name (with line for additional info from administrative)
4) Create password
5) Account verification
a) Captcha?
q) Automatic email response if customer forgets password that it is immediately emailed to them
r) Edit general website setting including turning on and off various features at a click of a button
s) Sales tax
1) Add, edit, change sales tax option on EACH item posted for bid (we may need to talk directly about how to handle this)
2) Must also be added in the checkout page (additional space to admin notes beside the line/box
t) Auto Bid Bots in administrative for each item which can be disabled or enabled with set amounts/limits
u) Share option with likes of facebook, twitter, my space, RSS etc………..
v) Ability to add, edit or change to cover page with logos, designs etc…………
x) Open ended to be expanded in the future if need
y) You agree that the website is completely free of any copyright or trademark violations
z) You supply me with the finished website complete with the code and 100% ownership by me

• Script Installation/uploaded to my host server per their requirements.
Half payment will be made after testing is successfully completed on your server with you logged in at the same time to show me around and go over the features, the remaining half will be paid after the script is successfully loaded and tested on my server (go daddy.com). I also require 30 days of support from you to make sure site is working properly and any bugs are fixed as they arise and training as needed. Bonus could be included if we are satisfied! Thank you for your time, patience and hard work.

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