Fix Intentional Damage

Fix Intentional Damage
Jack Douglas of Bark Partners Web Design llc, Las Vegas, NV did some work on a site for our company. He removed all the comment code from the script while he was in there and he also broke the code on the video section on two of the sites as well as the chat module, the shout box and a few more malicious acts.

I had an evaluation from a Real web site company and this is what they reported and what you will have to deal with:

1.) Html/Css poorly done, a great number of open tags, very poor SEO optimization.
2.) Live Chat code broken (intentional act)
3.) Website security not adequately implemented (Can be easily compromised)
4.) Several modules not working (all have codes broken, has to be done intentionally)
5.) All the comment code throughout the script has been removed. (this is intentional and makes it so no one can work on the siete)
6.) Much of the functionality is preety much crippled.
7.)From our developers point of view, the person worked on the website before had bad intentions from the beginning and was a highly incompetant

I need a price to bring these php scripts back to 100% asap.

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