Web Portal Needed

Web Portal Needed
Description: hi here is an example of one of the sites i am looking for its www.123people.com
need it to be a continually updating data base i also only want it to i want a few differences though
i want basically the same functionality but what i want it to be a little more like is a search with current information. so that it will give the social profiles like this site does but it will also post any and all info from them that has occurred over the past 30 days. just new info nothing older than that…
simple, yet i want it to database millions of pages to get cached in search engines everywhere, it has to be super tight on the SEO as well
so it basically needs to constantly scrape the net and all social networks for update to date info on names
here is another site that does something very similar to what im looking for. www.mylife.com

Skills : PHP,CAKE PHP.

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