Facebook App 01

Facebook App 01
Hi People,
I am looking for someone who can make/design a dating app for facebook, it is to be a stand alone app (no website)it should have all the features of a standard dating site

it will be free for users to use

it must have a two sections :
1, for users to rate photo’s of other facebook users just like hot or not .com
2, dating section to meet other single users

also it must have sections on it for me to add advertisements to it
and a method of inviting/requesting friends to join

This should be easy for people to use with a web 2 look to the design
To help you understand what I am looking for please check out zoosk on facebook and hotornot .com to see how the rating system works

This should be easily done by anyone who knows how to make apps
If you have made apps or dating sites please send me links to ones you have done before
Payment will be made when the project is complete and working and on facebook

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