Php Single Page Web Production

Php Single Page Web Production
We need a single webpage production. The simple design page is in attach, all design will be delivered to the programmer as PSD file.

As you will see from the JPG file, we have a video play area (need to be FLASH). The video filenames (.flv files) should be read from XML file.

At the bottom side of the video area, you see 8 empty rectangles. This is an automatic scrolling area. We will have a number of thumbnail pictures (more than 8). When we click one, a big image will be shown in a lightbox. We want to navigate prev-next in this lightbox area also. The thumbnails filenames will be read from XML file.

This area need to be programmed in JQuery. The lightbox design will be prepared tomorrow by us.

The bottomside of the scrolling area is a flash banner, we will deliver it as swf file.

And finally, you see 3 inputbox on right bottom corner. These are just 3 data (name / phone / email) It will be saved on a very simple mySQL database. And this form will be sent by email to an address.

As i mentioned, there is only one FLASH area (video play), all other parts have to be php+JQuery.

The project is urgent. We need to get it done before 29.01.2010 Friday, 18:00. Thats why our decision will be done tomorrow morning and we suppose that the programmer can start to work immediately.


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