Php Paypal Subscription Integr

Php Paypal Subscription Integr
I have site which requires paypal subscription integration also with unsubscribe button.
Now how it should work is … i have my team working on site … but this part needs to be developed by someone who has expreience with paypal integration using IPN.
The case is:
When the customer clicks the subscribe button .. he will asked to login and he validates his paypal a/c or he enters the credit card info as paypal allows it. Once the payment it success the data required for storing in database should be stored along with subscription id and an email should be sent to customer about his subscription along with its details…and show a thank you page. immediately even before the customer clicks “goto merchant” etc..
Now if the payment is not successful, it should just come to the cancel page or try again page etc…

The important actor is the data should be stored only when the payment is susccess, not to be stored temporarily also..


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