Php Site Work

Php Site Work
I’m willing to pay $50 for this work. It’s a days worth of work, not including other small changes he wants made.

I have a simple php site that is 90% done. I need some fixes

– the home page.. Its out of sync.. The paragrapgh is on the left side of the page..

– The wedding packages are not in order.. T

-the color of the site needs to change..

– Where it says company motto Mike thats where the company motto goes

– In the video samples is where the videos actually go. I named each video. They need to be put in.

– I didnt want you to put the names of the video in the “video samples tab” I wanted the videos on the page. So that needs to be taken out

– 4install information needs to be added. and it’s logo. I wanted a 4install logo located at the bottom of all the packages.. Mike just design the site and I will make the corrections.

– content of 2 sections needs to be put in. Basically pasted in.

-wedding page needs a little work done.

-other changes will need to be done when that is done. The site is just php so no other drastic changes will need to be made, but he likely will want other small changes done like the one’s above.

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