Convert Ups Shipping Module

Convert Ups Shipping Module
I need a working UPS shipping module for PrestaShop ecommerce software. This software is written in Php using Smarty class. You can view and download the PrestaShop software at for evaluation.

There has been several attempts to do this on Presta Forums and it appears there was a working script for PrestaShop version 1.1. You can probably view this module from PS 1.1 and see how it hooks the cart. Here is the discussion and download link for that module

PrestaShop is now on version 1.3 and after looking at this 1.1 module I see it used UPS XML which requires the shop owner to acquire a UPS online shipping account and API access key. That seems like quite a bit of work, especially if the site owner is a drop shipper and doesn’t use his own UPS account. I don’t want a module built on UPS XML

I would like my module to work like the osCommerce module that doesn’t require a UPS access key to fetch UPS rates and shipping times. The created module should have all available UPS shipping options. This is the module I currently use for osCommerce sites.

Web 2.0 Sites

The completed work should install into PrestaShops backend through Admin >> Modules.

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