Os Commerce Project

Os Commerce Project
Here’s a quick synopsis of what I need for my Os Commerce site.

1. Add a best seller box on the bottom left section of the site. Box will have picture and price of the best seller item.

2. Need to change the bottom banner. I will provide photo.

3. Need want to match the colors of the titles backgrounds and lists and text in them to each other and to the logo(shop by categories, manufacturers and best sellers and languages, currencies and featured products).

4. Need the best sellers list to be identical in design to “categories” and “manufacturers”. Again and a box like the other categories.

5. Change the black frame of the site to a light gray and box up all of the products with a light gray box as well.

6. Add shipworks (www.shipworks.com) software to the site to handle shipping for the products once a user pays for an item.

7. Need it to provide shipping rate according to zone: u.s, canada, rest of the world. Also according to shipping weight – up to 1 lb, up to 2 lb, up to 5 lb, up to 10 lb.

8. Offer all possible shipping options like 1-3 days or 3-6 days and so on for local shipping and international standard 10-14 business days, express 5-7 business days.

9. Apply taxes on the site to be added automatically when a product is purchased. The tax rate to be used is Florida tax which is 7%.

10. Addition of coupons and promo codes to the site to be used upon checkout.
– a coupon for % discount off product total
– coupon for free shipping
– coupon for dollar amount off
– a free gift coupon option.

11. Addition of product specification like sort by color, scent, men or women.

Need this done ASAP. I will provide the URL for the site once project has been awarded.

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