A Project In Codeigniter

A Project In Codeigniter
Hello Geeks,

Brief Project Description as Follows

Hair cutting saloon will register in our website with their services and rates and availability.

User can search the saloon based on various criteria like Area, Service and Rates.

Based on the Search Result, user can book appointment with hair cutting saloon and that saloon people will receive SMS/Email (SMS api will be provided to you) and that saloon people will log into the website and will either approve/reject the appointment.

That action will be informed to the user via SMS/Email.

Once we finalize the Bid, we will provide you detailed SRS with all the screen and flow.

Along with that design will be provided to you.

(1) You must have alteast 6 months to 1 year hands on Experience on codeigniter
(2) We are looking Long Term Relationship as we are having almost 5-7 projects a month.
(3) Programmers from India-Gujarat is preferred.
(4) Design and SMS Api will be provided to you.
(5) This is a limited Budget Project

Let us provide your best Quote and Minimum Days, We will provide you with more Projects, if you satisfy the Requirements.

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