Wedding Planning Software

Wedding Planning Software
I am looking to have wedding organizing software made. To understand what I am looking for in software I have added to URL links to the same type of software I am looking for. and

I currently have a wedding website that I want the software to work with and be integrated into. ( The software has to be able to Multi user friendly and accommodate hundreds of brides with their own personal logins from our site.

1. The bride will visit my website
2. A bride login button will need to be made; the bride can click the button to log into her very own personal wedding planning section of our website.
3. The software will include all the functions of the two sample software located at: and
4. View both these sample videos, this is exactly what I am looking for with the same operating features.
5. The new button will need to be able to generate a secure password for the bride.
6. Once the bride has registered she will now have access to the new Wedding Planning software.
7. We are expecting at least 1000 plus brides will use the software all with their own logins.
Please send me your quotes for designing this software.
I beleive the site is done in php code.

Walter Harris

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