Hockey League Cms

Hockey League Cms

I am looking for pricing on a Hockey League CMS. As an example, we are looking for the same funtionality as the NHL website (

-Upcoming & past game ticker (See top)
-Easily updated scrolling news feed
-Easily updated teams
-Easily Updated team rosters
-Easily updated game statistics
-When stats are updated, stats across site updated univerally
-AUTOMATIC schedule generator with options to limit amount of games against certain opponents

-Must be quoted in CANADIAN DOLLARS!
-It can be a module for another CMS system (POPULAR CMS ONLY – Joomla, WordPress, PHP Fusion, PHP Nuke, etc)
-Must include detailed installation directions
-Must be open sourced to be editable by us
-Designer must be willing to release all affiliation with site design

Thank you!

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