Adv. Search For Cubecart3

Adv. Search For Cubecart3
Advanced search area for Cubecart 3.

As the title, I am looking for someone who can make me an advanced
search area for Cubecart 3. Pretty much as the already build-in Cubecart 4.
You should know how Cubecart works!

So this search should be in it’s own file, but still be viewed in the main area, as any other
existing files.

Please see the attached file for the layout of the search and nessassary forms.

I need:
*search area
*tick box (to be checked at start) to include subcategories when searching
*3 dropdown:
— 1 with ONLY the TOP level of category -> Store/TOP category
— 1 with ONLY the 2nd level of category -> Store/TOP category / 2nd
— 1 with ONLY the 3rd level of category -> Store/TOP category / 2nd / 3rd

This is very important!

Please note that the user does not have to select every dropdown menu to search.
It should work with one dropdown selected.

Then a submit and canel button.

We only use one language so all text can be written in English and I’ll change that manually

I want to be able to follow every step in an easy way. FOr example:

1) Find the following code …
2) Replace with…


Save and close.

Upload file a, b and c to store location/includes/ etc…

Pretty much as any other mod install instruction. I have some knowledge
but It’s much easier with proper instructions.

I have not changed any of the existing database values, so it should all be standard.
I have, however, added a few extra searchable lines but they are working fine with
the standard search.

If you have any questions regaring this project, don’t hesitate so contact me.
I am new on this page but will have several projects to offer in the near future!

Kind regards,

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