Escort Directory

Escort Directory
What I need is a Escort Directory like or or with some additional features or tweaks.

1. I need to be able to mange the whole site and approve all the models websites before they publish (no outside contact info can be in there)

2. I need all the models to have an online calender that they manage and that is integrated with a credit card payment system (they pay us a flat fee for every successful appointment we get them not for advertising on our site)

3.I need a member log in so they can see the models calender and make an appointment and can also see the reviews which members who are not logged in will not be able to do

4.I need an in-house mail system for communication between the members and models and confirming appointments

5.I also need a five star dynamic rating system for every model like eBay or has (power seller or 4 and a half stars out of 23 reviews etc.)

Let me know if this is something you can do thanks. Nasser

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