Backend Programming Partner

Backend Programming Partner
We’re a US based design and marketing firm looking for a skilled programming partner to create niche, web driven products in areas we’re working print and marketing . Our goal is to offer additional web products, specifically member driven, secured areas to existing and prospective clients of our traditional services.

What we’re looking for in a partner…

• Individuals or small groups of talented programmers with experience building, maintaining and securing forums, carts, classified ad systems, social networking, job boards, etc. in a stand alone or modular capacity, including all of the above working seamlessly together, in a user password protected environment.
• A love for programming & programming language flexibility.
• Strong backend coding/programming for the web will be what describes what you do best.
• Strong English skills and a willingness to work closely with designers on interfaces and function of the product is a must.
• Ongoing support and upgrades for the products and/or modules created.
• A value of repeating business over the quick score.

We bring 20 years of experience selling and servicing traditional media and other services in these areas. We have the contacts, we know their jargon and we like to sell. We will be the contact point for clients and handle sales, billing and collection. You will handle back end coding, security, support and server side implementation of the ordered products.

We are being intentionally vague about the markets we want to sell these products here to avoid planting ideas in others, but the things you should additionally know are:

• There are software companies providing partial solutions in these arenas, but no dominant players and no complete solutions (as defined by customers we already serve).
• These products can and will be sold in two payment variations, up front (with upgrade costs later) or monthly service contracts, (the preferred method).
• The price point will aim at $ 950-$1250 US starter packages OR with monthly service fees in the $75-$90 range for similar package setups. Additional modules as extras.
• The intention will be to blend the look of existing client sites (CSS) into our product, giving a level of customization and personalization to each client.
• The number of potential clients, just in the US, just in these niches, numbers in the tens of thousands.

We could simply hire a programmer or ten and get these products out the door, but we’re looking at the long term, not only in fees but in the opportunity to make a great product that just keeps getting better while we sell and sell and sell it. That’s only going to happen with a partner interested in staying up to date on the latest backend gadgetry, techniques and languages and implementing them into these products, continually making them better and stronger.

Programming is not our strength, selling and client relations are and we’ll prefer to continue playing to our strengths. We’ll take a partner whose strengths compliment ours.

So, if this sounds like the perfect fit for you and you’d like to discuss it more, have additional comments or questions, please respond. Thank you for your time and interest.

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