Psd Into A Php Coupon Temp + +

Psd Into A Php Coupon Temp + +
I need a good developer that can, edit or add functions to this kind of system. I have bought this from the developer himself. But after so many weeks with none connection at all, i must find a relliable person to work with.

The person i need this for must:
– Understand the system, that they know they can help me.

– Would be great if you are able to add feautures that i think could be great for this site.

– If possible, make me a better system from skratch, based on many of
the same features allready there, since im actually happy with the system.

– Intergrate my design to the site.

– If you take a good look around in the admin panel, i want more
information given to the costumers, we need it to work for two kind of costumers, the one that uses the coupons, and the stores we sell them to.
We wants more stats and graphs for the storeowners. I will provide this how i want it for you. This function is kind of poor now, to little information. We want to track our customers where and what the search for in the site.

So… to final point.
If i get can a price from any of you great developers out there. It would be much appreciated. If this job releations works well i can guarantee we will work together again.

First i want estimatet time and price

-for replacing the existing site with my PSD template.

and some info of what you can do for me based on what i wrote above.
Im not good at hard cold coding, so you if you think this should be buildt with another system, if you think so… I dont know, so thats why i ask you guys:)

Thank you, and hope to hear from you.

You can take a look at this site
usr: Admin Pass: admin. This is system we have now. That i want to improve and get my custome template in.

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