Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking

I got a website where users can gather points by doing different things.

Now i want to make it possible for my users to gather points by doing leads and sales offers from affiliatenetworks.

This is the description from the affiliatenetwork on how it can be done:

All traffic will be validated via EuroAds’s tracking system. Should you have partners in your own tracking system, and you wish to be able to register the traffic in this as well, you can do this via EuroAds’s feature named PNI.

The PNI-value must be added to the EuroAds adurl as follows: ”&pni=xxx”.


Iframe banners:
iframe src=”” width=422 height=390 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 ALLOWTRANSPARENCY=”true” frameborder=0 scrolling=no bordercolor=”#000000″ hspace=0 vspace=0><iframe

Textlinks and other banners:

Your PNI-value can consist of either numbers or letters that you manually distribute amongst your partners or partner values from your own tracking system. In this manner we are able to include your values and these will be saved with the sales/leads that are made.

EuroAds can send you the PNI-value instantly in a backtrack URL. For this we need an URL from you, which the EuroAds system will call once a sale/lead is generated via one of your PNI-values. In the URL sent to you by EuroAds the PNI-value will be included, and your own system can register the sale/lead.
EuroAds can also send you the PNI-value if the lead/sale is not approved by the advertieser this is called Backtrack url not approved as seen below. You can set the two backtrack urls up at the link “Edit info”

Example of backtrack url:

Example of backtrack url not approved:

You can have other information as well put into to our backtrackurl besides the %pni%. Here is the list:
%adid% (Banner/advert id)
%cpid% (Campaignid)
%plda% (Pool advert id)
%value% (All other values which are put on our trackingurl)
%customerid% (Customerid from advertiser))
%orderid% (Orderid from advertiser)
%orderamount% (Orderamount from advertiser)
%eatrackid% (ID for the media where the user comes from)

You just use it the same way as with %pni%.
Example of use with backtrackulr:

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