Site Clone

Site Clone
I wont to clone this site the same include the design and all functions.

I wont this to be develop with php and adjax tec and not ASP *as it now).

the site concept is:
moveing companies can register on the site and they are adding to the DB automaticly by the info they provided like zip code and state
and there is the client / movers side.

when they can ask for a qutes from the movers by selecting were they moveing from and to which new location.

after submiting this info the system automaticly sending only 6 massages (randomaly) to the most closests moveing companies
and an email to the client which letting him know which companies will contact him soon the admin of the siite sould have to option to log in to the syste, and remove unwonted moving companies and edit content.

I dont have the PSD so the programmer will have to take the images from the this site and generate what ever he needs.

This project need to be done no longer than 2 weeks so if you cant provide it please DON’T bid on this project, we had bad expirience already and we will not tolarate such service.

Thank you.

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