Update Php Code

Update Php Code
Run a site that i needed some features added. I have added some myself but no time to sit and code more as the site keeps me busy. Pretty straightforward items.

Site is a press release service. features needed:

1. After user submits, needs to pull the record # and display as URL on screen and via email.

2. Need a way for customers to edit releases. Generate them a user id and pass in email above to be able to edit the release.

3. Need to be able to trim whitespaces form brackets. For some reason mySQL shows no spaces but page renders with a space.

4. admin area needs a one click approve button which would be a sql statement to change one field from 0 to 1

5. in press release body, emails need to be links. as of now they are not .

I have a test site to make edits so not to affect production .

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