Php Pro Bid Quick Launch Icon

Php Pro Bid Quick Launch Icon
If you go to my site you’ll see an image of a smiling skunk in the main home page banner. My question is: would it be possible to reduce that image and have it show on my home page and all individual members area page as a quick launch app. What I mean by that is, I’d like any user to be able to click on the reduced image and when they do so a program is launched which would allow any person to add the same image to their desktop as a desktop quick launch icon. Also this image would made available to any website whom has free apps, thus allowing any user to add this app to lets say their personal iphone, and again by clicking on this image on their iphone be taken to
In short, anyone should be able to click on this reduced icon which is to be installed next to my twitter icon and SSL certificate icon, on homepage and members area page, and a program is launched which will allow them to add to their desktop or any website etc.
Only post/bid if you can do this with complete ease.

Also, when users are uploading images to their listings, if the image size it too big i.e. it exceeds the maximum image size allowed, they receive an error message sorry image too large or file too large.
I would like any image which is selected by anyone listing an item on my site to be reduced on the fly, without the person who is listing even knowing there was a problem with their file size being too large.
So we are looking to have images/files which are to large reduced on the fly without any quality degradation to the image and the client not being aware that there was ever a problem with the file size.I allow 6 free image uploads.So client may upload as many as 6 images or indeed 6 plus at a time. When user mouses over any image on any listing then that image must expand to full site without user who is browsing having to click on image as they do now.
I know there are free programs out there that do this just need someone to integrate with my sites listing process.
No extra load placed on the server during the image reduction. App for the iphone has to be spot on , so it will be accepted. Quick-launch icon install program has to just that; quick.

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