Submittable Form Parsed To Xml

Submittable Form Parsed To Xml
We would like the attached pdf used to create a submittable form. the results of the filled out, submitted form would be sent to the client as an attached xml document, NOT just as text in the field of the email. Some other paramaters:

1. The solution or script would be universal, in other words, we could use it for any other form we created later, with different fields. Having to add or edit the fields in the script itself is ok.

2. Following the same logic, we should be able to add, remove, change the existing fields at will, even if it means we also have to do so in the script or solution. We should also be able to add different TYPES of fields. In other words, if the existing form has no radio buttons, we should be able to do so later without too much hassle.

Both myself and my client are versed in html so you don’t have to make it too “idiot proof” but as simple as possible please.

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