Design / Cleanup Of Site

Design / Cleanup Of Site

We have a site Homeideaz which is almost developed/ coded ( 1 week more of coding), link of development by private message.

We want to redesign only the look of the pages maybe layout. will require psd , html/css preference for choosen vendor to integrate into site also.

The features etc are perfect.
There are around 50 main pages ( selection from menu and submenu) that will be revamped and kept standard in whole site also the main background and content background , header, and footer, and corresponding css.

We also need an entry page giving numbers of users / vendors/ products etc.which will be used for around 3-5 months to attract traffic which will go to main site.
We will require the current index page ( one with images)
The site is for Home decor and we need something really eyecatching and trendy.

We like the sites,,, weieast.conm, look for main site, pricegrabber etc look for product , superdeal pages
All above for vendor and consultant profile.
These sites will give you an idea of look , layout etc for the diff pages.

The link will be available on private after seeing capabilities along with sitepmap.
We will remove the current index page ( the one with the 12 images) and got to
main home page , there will will have a popup designed to tell users no. of
vendors / products etc.

We would prefer the designs integrated by you also so that the current developers dont mess up. (again depends on cost)
Attached is a sitemap (temporary) I made so you understand many links are same pages (design) with differrent content.

The second line menu only you get when a cat. is selected and options if clicked show only data for that category.
Now it looks like a totally new menu not a cat. submenu which is also confusing.

Again many pages fetch data from other pages in other looks.
As we discuss there are many pages being redesigned so maybe there will be only main pages and background , fonts , icons etc
So maybe just the main menu pages that is Pages reached from main menu.
Also make the site simpler to understand via look and layout.
Maybe around 50 main pages in all
Also the paid profile for vendors and consultant and detailed product page etc.

Play with the layout to make the site 100% easy to understand and super 2010 catchy design.
ALSO WE WILL NEED UNLIMITED REVISIONS (again may not be nece. if work is excellent)
Will need a mock for any page youcan select

Looking forward to work with you.

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