E-wallet Website

E-wallet Website
Interested to create the following project:

This will be an additional payment system for e-shopping websites.

Three parts are taking place in the proccess:
1.A main website (hosting the wallet)
2.The affiliate websites (different e-shops)
3.The final users (the customers)

What we need here is #1 the main website, and the payment gateway system for connection with the affiliate websites. Here are more details in order to explain how the system works.

So, there is a main website, in wich we should embed the project into the backend CMS. Could be a complete management system created by scratch, or an addon to an excisting OSCMS, like a joomla component for example.

Initialy, there should be a 16 or 20 digits code generator. These codes will be translated in money values, therefore there must be different options to generate them, according to the value needed. The codes must be encrypted and stored in the system, to be ready to export and send to third party co-operators. There should be different encryptions methods and code creation variables, so the administrator will be able to alternate each time the code generating proccess.

Co-operators will get the codes and spread them in the market, making them available for final users to purchage. System is quite similar to the prepaid phone cards where codes are purchased in scratch cards.

A final web user gets a code. The user has an account in the main website, so after loging in he is able to see a form in wich he can type the code. The system automaticly translates the code in it’s value, and stores it to the users “wallet”.

Finaly, we need a payment gateway system for the affiliates websites (the e-shops). It’s a script wich should be embeded in different e-shops, to make them available to add the new payment method. It will connect the Main website with the affiliate websites (e-shops).

These affiliate e-shops will be different in technology (e.g. Oscommerce, Virtuemart, Zencart, or other customised carts), so we should provide different scripts (and complete support) as “ready solutions” in order the affiliates to embed the new payment system in their e-shops.

So, a final user while shopping online, he will have the option to pay with this system as an addition to the already excisting systems (Papal, CC etc), it should work the same way. The user’s info and his shopping cart values, should be automaticly transfered to the Main website, where the user will find his wallet to proceed with the payment. We must have the option to offer a backend or frontend transfer to the affiliate website.

It is obvious that a Code management system is needed in the administrator side. This will allow the administrator to manage, store, encrypt/decrypt or alternate the codes. It will show codes by date, by value, valid or invalid codes, expiration date of the codes, codes wich are already used by users or not, a history review of each user, etc.

Also, we have to provide a complete detailed system to the user accounts in the main website. A User, after loging in to his account should be able to refund his wallet with codes, to see purchases history, dates, values, the affiliate e-shop for each transaction etc.

The system should provide multi-language support.

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