Custom Cms – Exclusive Look

Custom Cms – Exclusive Look
Our website Exclusive Look, is going to need the following features in order to operate efficiently so suit our visitors/clients needs and demands.

The following tools are the basic foundations of the website, and are needed in order for the website to run smoothly. From the Admin Control we should have the following tools.

Please read below, and scroll down for more in-depth analysis of the tools required.

· File Upload
· Newsletter Management
· User Management
· System Backups
· Inventory Management (For adding new film information etc)

Other tools needed with the CMS are:

· News Updates
· Custom Security
· Ratings System
· Video Uploading

The site is involved with Movies, Games and Albums. And we should be easily be able to add all the appropriate information needed, about a film for example. A picture for the film, description, trailer and place to purchase.

A full in-depth description of work needed shall be provided to the winning bidder. We are looking for quality work, at a reasonable price, with proof of past work done.

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