Inventory Tables

Inventory Tables
We need an experienced expert to design a table to display data similar as per attached mockup. The table shown is only indicative of the style requested and it will have about 10 horizontal columns and 8 vertical rows showing (vertical rows are displayed do show product details.
Further the table must have filters to show the relevant data as selected in a dropdown list as shown (there will be about 8 filters).

It must have a search feature to search for ‘descriptions’ and a well designed pagination feature as shown(including good page selection and if possible a ‘Google’ style pagination).

The data in the table must be also in good printable format and it must be able to export via CSV and downloadable to the local PC.

If the table width exceeding 1200px must be be able to slide horizontally.

The database tables are already created but need to be linked(relationship) via PK & FK to show the tables columns.

HTML and CSS files to be created to produce the style and theme as per attached mockup.

server: LAMP
time for completion: ASA

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