Clone Market Website

Clone Market Website
I would like a complete clone of buy stock (remove space’s) with the following differences:

1- I don’t require the Blog part of the site.

2- I don’t wish to use the rubbish formula buystockdesign use for only providing sellers 40% of what they made. That is for sure. A customizable flat rate should apply to all accounts. That said, All other rates and calculations regarding single license use/multiple license use on profiles should be customizable from the backend as well.

3- Ajax effects to boost website Fanciness Factor.

4- Must be a clean code/ no bugs/ easy to manage and secure backend that is easy to use.

5- Search engine friendly urls

6- Search Engine Optimized

7- Template driven/ easy to design around

Escrow will be placed and you will get it upon full completion of the project.

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