Javascript Top Friend Selector

Javascript Top Friend Selector
Previously I used Buddy Zone for a social network I created. I hired a programmer who used some javascript tools such as scriptaculous. He was able to make a method for my members to move around their friends and save their ‘top 8’ friends. It worked really well.

I have learned some PHP/MySQL/Javascript and coded my own social network. The site is nearly complete but I am having a very difficult time re-using some of the code from my old site on my new site that I hand coded.

Part of the reason is because the previous programmer felt it necessary to store the member_id’s of the person’s top 8 friends in a separate table. The programmer made the script explode the column that stored the user’s top 8 friend member_id’s…

Long story short he made it very inefficient. I’ve tried on several attempts to get it working and am not having any luck. I have a very small budget which is why I do my own coding now. If I can find someone who can do this very affordably, I will choose your bid, otherwise I will continue to attempt this myself.

Just to quickly summarize, users should be able to drag their friend’s pictures into one of 8 different spots, thus creating their top 8 friends.

I already have the code that worked from my previous site, although it will need to be modified to work with my coding. It should be easier to work with my coding as I am storing the friend positions (1 thru 8) in the friend’s table row.. No need to have multiple tables. So while retrieving all friends you can easily order by top8 spots… To update a friend’s top8 position, only the friend’s rows will need to be updated, no second table.


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