Coldfusion Issue 3

Coldfusion Issue 3
It’s coldfusion work. I’m breaking it down in to parts so that I can get the work done on time. The work is Mura.

I’m wiling to pay $75 for this work.

5. Template Gallery- Gallery Template

This template gallery they they’re choosing from has to be created and also accessible on the front end if possible. Since Mura already has the template drop down.. maybe we could use that and just have a spot where we can attach a thumbnail to each template and then have all of the thumbnails show up on a page in a gallery format. Should show up like this when selecting a template..

6. Gallery Manager currently uploads photos and adds whatever the title of the photo is to the gallery no matter how long it is. So photos taken from a digital camera will automatically be entered with the long number assigned to each photo. When this happens the photo titles overlap one another. Mura’s answer is to just have them go back in and manually rename all of the images. I think we should either take the image titles off or at least take them off by default and only have them show up if the user enters them manually. But even then we’d have to put some sort of a limit on the size of the title.. Not really sure the best way to handle it. Eventually we’d also like to add a batch upload so users can upload multiple images by dragging them into a window instead of just being able to add eight at a time manually.

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