Coldfusion Issue 2

Coldfusion Issue 2
This work must be done in 2 days or less.

It’s coldfusion work. I’m breaking it down in to parts so that I can get the work done on time.

I’m wiling to pay $50 for this work.

4. Set up needs to be created on the

Set up will work like this:

They’ll get an email that welcomes them to Control Freak and gives them a link to set up their new site.
This page should show a list of templates available for their site. There is already a drop down that connects to the templates directory built into Mura on the EDIT CURRENT SITE page. We would just need to add a thumbnail pic to each template, database it, and then make them appear in a grid format for the customer to choose from during sign up. The ability to break down by category should be built in to this.

Right now the logo is in the header file of mura and it’s not databased. We would need to database it and connect it to the sign up and the DESIGN/LAYOUT section of the backend that hasn’t been created yet.

The user should be able to choose between several header pics for each template or have a link to upload their own photo with instructions on height and width.

The last step of the set up will be making sure the pages are right. The user should be able to add, edit, and delete pages from this section before see their new site.

Then they should get a CONGRATULATIONS page that congratulates them on build their new website with a choice between going directly to the front end of their new website.. or the backend.

To see this in action go to Remove the XXXXX

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