Article Directory

Article Directory
I am aware there are many article directory scripts out there already but I can’t find one that 100% fits my needs (mainly in regards to the articles being image intensive). I don’t mind if you create something yourself or if you modify an existing script. Please let me know via PMB what script you plan on using and if there is a license cost let me know how much.

I am creating an article directory in the automotive niche. I need a side menu with at least three levels of submenu (editable from backend). Clicking these links should list all the available articles for that category on the main section of the page. Users can then click these articles to see them in the main section of the website. The database should be searchable.

Users submit the articles, many of which are image intensive. So there needs to be a good system where the user can upload images easily as well as text. (Please note I want to host all the images, I don’t want images linked from photobucket etc)

Otherwise standard directory features are required (backend, search, rate the article, etc.)

The site doesn’t need a fancy design for now, just basic, neat and functional will do. (Although if you want to do the design as well let me know that your price includes it)

I anticipate PHP/mysql being used but please feel free to make any other suggestions.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I always place higher regard to those people who ask questions, make suggestions and really try to understand the project before they submit their bid.

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