Nascar Prediction Game

Nascar Prediction Game
NASCAR Fantasy Details:
Home Page:
• Display top 10 members from that weekly race event who received the most points.
• Display total money available to win on that weeks race.
• Display total money available to win for end of season points race champoinship.
• Display top 20 members who have the most overall points from all races.
• Display the actual finishing order of that weeks nascar event. Actual nascar results.
• Have a 3 areas for advertisements.
• Display a box for members to login.
Create account page:
The members must fill out a form to create a free account
• User Name
• Password
• Re enter password
• First Name
• Last Name
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip
• Email
• Phone #
Check a terms and conditions box

Members Page:
• Members should be able to edit account details. Such as change password, address, email address, paypal payment information.
• Purchase credit for that weeks race. All payments must be done threw paypal and credited to there account automatically.
• Display how many total points they have for the season, and how many positions they have moved up/down in the points race. example: Points 3038 (+5) the +5 means they have moved up 5 positions in the seasons overall points race. a -5 would mean they dropped 5 positions in the overall points race.
• Display total earnings from all winings that member has won over the season.
• Pick the order that drivers will finish. Also there will be tie breaker questions. They will try to predict the exact finishing order of the top ten.

Admin panel:
• Will need to know how many members there are.
• will need to know how many deposits made per weekly event. And have reports for each one.
• Edit admin account info, change password, etc
• Will need to be able to see how many visitors the site gets, unique daily and monthly.
• Will need section to ad the ads that are visible on homepage.
• Will need a section to add the actual nascar race results on homepage.
• Will need section to edit, payscales for both weekly and season. Such as percentages for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.
• When money is deposited. Say entrance fee is $10 per week 28% for site is deduct from the money before the prizes are displayed. Example on homepage every time a deposit is made it needs to automatically update the total prize (purse) for the weekly and season purses. So when a deposit is made it would be distributed like this: $10.00 – 28% goes to site for its cost, 12% to season purse and 60% to weekly purse.
• Edit points system
• edit up to 20 tie breaker questions and points
• edit a race start and cut off times per weekly event
• Be able to credit or debit account
• be able to edit rules
• edit terms and conditions, faq etc.

NOTE: WILL NEED SCRIPT INSTALLED AND SITE WILL NEED WEB DESIGN AS WELL. Details are not completly final, just a rough draft.

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