Php Nuke Module – Tracking

Php Nuke Module – Tracking
We use a PHP-Nuke site for an insurance agency. All of our agents have a membership to the site. We have nearly 1000 agents.

We are looking to track sales numbers. We would like a simple module that will display the person’s daily and weekly business submitted, by dollar amount.

Ideally the agent would log into his/her account and navigate to a form where they can submit information about a policy that they sold, such as premium dollar amount sold and the company they wrote the business with (via a pre-populated drop down box).

Once they’ve done this it would post and display in a box each person’s business written by day, week and month. It would also sort the order of the agents by how much business that they’ve sold.

Also, agents are placed under managers and or mentors. We would like to have this post a result for a manager’s team. I would assume that this could be taken care of on the admin side, as far as assigning an agent under a manager. All of the manager’s agent’s sales would show for the manager. Just as any company, we have multiple levels, managers, execs, etc. I would like this process to work all the way up the latter.

This is a project that I would like completed quickly, but done right.

Please don’t reply unless you are VERY fluent with PHP-Nuke code. Also, please don’t take offense, but the programmer must have decent english skills.

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