Vbulletin Member Search

Vbulletin Member Search
I am using Vbulletin 4.X CMS . I would like to have a custom search page for member profiles. In Vbulletin profile fields can be added and fields such as gender, state, hobbies, interests, and similar will be added. The custom search page should search these fields and provide matches and partial matches. A zip code field will be added to profiles and a zip code radius search needs to be implemented and return matches within radius choices, like 25 or 50 miles. This custom search page needs to be a new search page that will not be overwritten and made ineffective by Vbulletin version upgrades that happen continuously. Users should be able to do a keyword search to do a quick find on the fields.

Here is the member search page on Vbulletin.com http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/memberlist.php?do=search

This search is just for the member profiles and not connected with forum searches in any way at all.

Search page should be format similar to this http://www.datehookup.com/UserSummary.aspx

Please provide suggestions with your bids….

Thanks for bidding!

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